Almond Oil: An Over-the-Counter Wonder!

Almond Oil: An Over-the-Counter Wonder!

Your favorite creamy almond smoothie is just what you need to pamper yourself after a long draining day at work. Whether they’re whole, liquid, or even in ointment form, who doesn’t love almonds - that crunchy texture and rich nutty flavor? But have you ever asked yourself, what health benefits does this kind of nut carry? More specifically, what health benefits does almond oil have? Stay tuned for today’s article, as we will be taking a glimpse at almond oil’s benefits to our skin.

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Healing & Repairing Properties 

When applied to the skin, almond oil has the ability to alleviate irritated skin, reduce redness and swelling, and accelerate the healing process. In one study, individuals who applied almond oil cream found that it relieved symptoms like burning, stinging, redness, and itchy skin. Almond oil additionally has emollient properties, which has traditionally been used to improve complexion and skin tone.

Sun Damage Protection

Sun damage is a serious threat to your skin’s health. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s rays can damage your cell’s DNA and in turn lead to skin damage or even more serious conditions such as skin cancer. Almond oil happens to be packed with both vitamins A and E, which team up to help prevent cell damage caused by UV lights. 

Can I Apply Almond Oil To My Baby's Skin? 

One research concluded that using almond oil on premature babies improved their skin's thickness and strength. There are topical almond oil products available that are specifically tailored to babies’ skin, but it is important to carefully choose a product that is free of chemical and toxic ingredients. You can find an excellent organic baby almond oil right here at Beautillicious.

To Sum Up


Almond oil, rich in vitamin A and E alongside antioxidants that combat free radicals, emerges as a natural substance offering numerous advantages for skin  when used topically. It also fosters glowing, healthy skin while also shielding against harm from UV rays.


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