Talking Skin: An Interview With a Senior Skin Care Therapist

Talking Skin: An Interview With a Senior Skin Care Therapist

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The following is taken from an interview between Dala Matar (interviewer), organic beauty expert and founder of Beautillicious, and Patricia Alapaap (interviewee), Senior Skin Care Therapist at Truelase Beauty Clinic.

DM: Good morning Particia and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with us. As an expert in the field of cosmetology, you deal with different cases every day. What is the most common skin-related concern that brings women to your clinic?

PA: Hi Dala. Thank you for having me. The most common skin-related problems that bring people to Truelase Clinic are acne-related concerns such as cystic acne, visible comedones, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation (or melasma in women), and keratolytic skin problems such as keratosis pilaris or chicken skin in layman’s terms.

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DM: Of course, men make up a good portion of your clients as well. Would you say women and men share common beauty concerns, or do they have different priorities when it comes to their beauty?

PA: Men and women have different beauty concerns. Men are more likely to ignore putting sunblock on their faces or even moisturizing on the basis of masculinity. On the other hand, women are more religious and would purchase any beauty product that are out in the market, especially since looking presentable is one of their priorities. That being said, some men still look out for their face and have their own beauty regimen.

DM: Do women tend to prioritize concerns related to aging or sagging skin, or do they focus more on body image?

PA: Well, based on my personal observation, women are concerned about aging and sagging skin regardless of their size and shape. Obviously, both are big concerns, but I would have to say that the former is more universal. 

DM: Do you believe that women, in general, maintain a good skincare routine that involves makeup removal, face cleansing, and the application of moisturizing cream?

PA: Not all women maintain good skincare because skincare products can be expensive and not everyone can afford them. Although there are some economical but effective products available, some women still think twice before purchasing them especially if their budget is constricted.

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