What is COSMOS?

COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic Standards) is a collaboration between several European certification bodies BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio (France), Ecocert (France) ICEA (Italy) and Soil Association (UK).
It operates as a standard-setting body that ensures consistency and credibility in the certification of organic and natural cosmetics across multiple countries. It functions internationally through its member organizations.

Importance of COSMOS Signature on Products

  • Guarantees both quality of products and adherence to the highest sustainability practices

  • Confirms organic and natural products with a signature stamp

  • Certifies authenticity and sustainability of the products

  • Builds trust with consumers

Significance of COSMOS Signature on Products

  • Signifies adherence to rigorous standards for genuine organic and natural cosmetics

  • Verifies compliance with COSMOS standards ensuring the use of the required percentages of organic ingredients